Sara loves to connect dots in unexpected ways. An award winning Creative Director, she holds a Masters in Design from the Pratt Institute in New York and was a fellow with Milton Glaser. She helps people and businesses uncover untapped potential, realize core values, and create beautiful, tangible spaces for ideas to thrive. A graphic designer by training with a passion for transformative education, she believes in developing flexible systems that empower others to accomplish more together than they can individually.    

Her independent consultancy practice which spans over 15 years includes international brands as well as working with small businesses and individuals. These range from consulting at a digitally focused millennial branding agency to working with lavender farms, jazz singers and inns in the upstate New York area. Sara was on the selection committee for “The Other Art Fair” in Fall 2018 with the mission of helping emerging artists gain greater visibility. She has held teaching positions in the US and abroad and along with her practice is currently an Adjunct Professor at NYU where she teaches an Innovations in Marketing course.

You’ll find her connecting with people – and connecting dots – wherever deep, heartwarming conversations are to be had.

P.S: Sara gave a short talk at Creative Mornings in New York. She was over the moon about being able to speak to such lovely people about building community from scratch and the lessons learnt that we carry with us in work and life. You can check that out here.

Client list

People, businesses and brands.